Do I need to be home for you to perform services?

We understand you have lives and jobs, so you are not required to be home at the time of service. Of course we always enjoy meeting our customers, so if you are home feel free to come out and say hello!

Will using a pressure washer damage my home?

As with most tools, pressure washers can cause significant damage if used incorrectly. We have a wide variety of equipment that can be used safely on any surface, with the proper technique and execution. Knowing the appropriate amount of pressure for a given surface and having the correct equipment to execute that are essential to doing a quality job. Our experience and equipment will help you avoid the damage that can occur, such as taking off paint, damaging shingles, or permanently scaring decks. That’s why we recommend letting us do the pressure washing. Our insured employees have been trained by an expert who has had over 25 years of experience!

Why should I seal my concrete after cleaning

We recommend sealing concrete for a couple different reasons. The first one being that it protects your concrete from harsh weather which can help prevent your concrete from eroding, cracking and chipping. Sealing also prevents stains such as rust and calcium build up, and can keep spilled products such as oil and paint from absorbing and becoming permanent stains. Sealer also has the added cosmetic benefit of brightening your stamped or exposed aggregate concrete and preventing the loss of dye in colored concrete or pavers.

How often do I need to get my home’s exterior surfaces cleaned?

This often depends on what surrounds your home. If you live in an area with lots of trees, not only will the shade encourage the growth of moss, mildew, lichen and algae but you will also be fighting the debris from the trees. We are happy to provide a yearly maintenance check and give our personalized recommendations for your property. While being surrounded by trees is part of the beauty of our area it can cause some additional work and expense but keeping your roof and gutters free of debris during the rain season is a great way to prevent more costly leaks and significant damage.

Why should I treat my roof after cleaning?

Using preventative products is advised for a couple basic reasons. Cleaning a roof, even when done properly does cause a bit of erosion and wear so the best way to prevent having to have moss etc. from being removed to is to prevent it from developing to begin with and prolong the time between cleanings.

Will your cleaning products damage my landscaping, are they safe?

We strive to use the least abrasive chemicals possible at all times. Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and plant safe. We always do our best to avoid damaging flowers, trees, etc. with hoses, ladders, and other equipment while working. While roof treatment products can have negative effects if applied directly to more delicate blossoming plants, we are very mindful to minimize over-spray and rinse plants as we work to avoid any potential for damage.

Are you able to supply water if necessary?

Yes, each truck has a two 300-hundred-gallon water tanks that can be filled at our location and transported to you, enough for 3-4 hours of continual work.

How can I pay for my pressure washing?

You can pay the day the work is complete with cash or a check. If you are not home upon completion of work, no problem! We will email you an invoice and you can send us payment in the mail. You can also click on our Pay Online Tab located on our website to pay with a credit or debit card.

What are your rates for the different services you provide?

Our rates are determined by many different factors, such as age, pitch, surface type, time and material used. The good news is we offer free estimates! We will come out and look at your project and we pride ourselves on standing behind our estimates, no added hours or surprise fees.